Running on the treadmill at a nearby gym in New Albany.

Stay Active During Winter with Nearby Gyms around New Albany

Chilly weather doesn’t have to signal an end to your outdoor fitness adventures. At our New Albany apartments, we’ve got you covered with an on-site fitness center and yoga studio, plus a variety of local gyms and fitness studios within a quick drive to keep you motivated through the colder months. Explore some of these great options close to the Estates at New Albany.

Esporta Fitness

A short stroll from our New Albany apartments will get you to Esporta Fitness, a gym equipped with an impressive array of amenities. From weights and machines to basketball courts, group classes, racquetball, an indoor pool, and a cycling studio, they’ve got it all. Discover more about their membership options on the Esporta Fitness website.


Looking for a challenging workout? WE HiiT offers intense boot camp and boxing classes, plus women’s self-defense, guaranteed to keep the winter weight at bay. Stay updated with class schedules by following their Instagram.

Orangetheory Fitness

Discover Orangetheory Fitness, less than two miles from our doorstep, and embark on a fitness journey guided through 5 heart rate zones, including rowing, cardio, and strength training. Aim for the “orange zone” to maximize your workout efficiency. Sign up for a complimentary class on the Orangetheory Fitness website.

RockBox Fitness

RockBox Fitness combines boxing, cardio, and strength training for a full-body workout fit for any skill level. Start crushing your fitness objectives this season with a complimentary class, and get more details on their membership options on the RockBox Fitness website.

Infinity Fitness

Customize your fitness journey with a personal training program at Infinity Fitness. They offer tailor-made workout and nutrition plans to help maintain or elevate your fitness levels, plus a selection of supplements to support your health goals. Visit the Infinity Fitness website to learn more.

New Albany Personal Training/Improvement Warrior Fitness

Enhance your workout with personalized attention at New Albany Personal Training/Improvement Warrior Fitness, conveniently located a mere five-minute drive away. Experience focused training in small groups and start your path to improvement with trainer Jason Yu. More information is available on the Improvement Warrior Fitness website.

Fit One Four

For those with unpredictable schedules, Fit One Four is open 24/7. Take advantage of their 6,000-square-foot facility packed with free weights, machines, and cardio equipment anytime. For a more tailored fitness experience, look into their personal training programs. Check out the Fit One Four website for more details on memberships and services.


Don’t let the winter weather keep you from reaching your fitness goals. These nearby gyms and studios are committed to keeping you active and healthy throughout the colder seasons. Visit the Estates at New Albany and stay on track this fall and winter.

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